Woman Started Talking Down To Her For Having A Kid As A Teenager. But Her Comeback Left Everyone Speechless.

(Story background I am in a local supermarket with my two-year-old nephew. I am 23, and wearing my new engagement ring.)

Customer In Pink Shirt: “Hey, you! Excuse me!”

Me: “Me?”

Customer in pink shirt: “Yeah, I’m looking at you aren’t I? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Me: “What?”

Customer In Pink Shirt: “Don’t you think it’s bad enough that teenagers like you seem to think you can just sleep with people. It’t so bad. Then you have kids and try to act like you could raise them!”

Me: He’s—”

Customer In Pink Shirt: “It’s things like this that show me that you have absolutely no respect for this country! The entire country is going down the tubes. It’s crazy adn insane to think that you would ever even consider having a child outside of wedlock.”

(Luckily an employee comes into the aisle to restock things, but overhearing the Customer In Pink Shirt’s comments speaks up in my defense.)

Employee: “Excuse me miss, are you going to even let her talk? She doesn’t have to, but I think she’s entitled to respond to the things you’re saying.”

Customer In Pink Shirt: “You stay out of this, I mean it. There is nothing she can say to make it any better.”

Me: “Actually, there is something I can say. One, this is my nephew. Two, I’m 23, which means if he were my child, I would have been twenty one when he was born. Third, his parents are married and have been since before he was even conceived. Fourth, before you start flying off about unmarried people, you may want to check their ring hand.” *I hold up my hand* “I’m engaged, but you couldn’t know I wasn’t married. Fifth, even if I was 17, and this was my child, and I wasn’t married, why would it be any of your business?”

(The Customer In Pink Shirt doesn’t say a word, and slowly walks away. I turn to the employee.)

Me: “Thank you.”

Employee: “No problem. That actually turned out as well as it possibly could have. I was mostly saying it so you could just say, ‘None of your business’. It’s even better that none of the things that she was accusing you of were true.”

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